Financial Services
Financial CONSULTANCY & Services
Facilitation and Consultancy to get sanction of financial facilities from different Banks and other Financial Institution:-
  • Cash Credit (C.C.)Limit for Working Capital in all types of business;
  • Over Draft (O.D.) Limit for Working Capital in all types of business;
  • Term Loan to Acquire / Purchase / Install Industrial Land , building , Plant & Machinery etc;
  • Term Loan to Acquire/Purchase Vehicles like Trucks, Buses, Cars, Motor Cycle etc;
  • Term Loan to Purchase/Acquire / Construct House Property;
  • Term Loan for Education of Children / Education Loan;
  • Bank Guarantee for business purposes – Performance Guarantee / Financial Guarantee;
  • LC Limit for Import of goods;
  • Packing Credit Limit;
  • Renewal of credit facilities of OD/CC